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By Living Buddha Lian-sheng.
(page 2, True Buddha News, 116 issue, October 15-31,1996)
Translated by Yuan Zheng Tang.
In my spiritual life, the first and formless teacher I had was "Three-Mountain-Nine-Marquis" who had taught me for more than three years. I was scolded by the readers for using the title " Mr.Three-Mountain-Nine-Marquis Xian Sheng" instead of calling him my teacher. I pondered over the Chinese words "Xian Sheng." "Xian Sheng" was the most respectful title used in the olden days - unlike now when it is used to address everybody (meaning Mr.) I used the word in the classical sense, and not its modern usage. In the olden days, very few people qualified to be given the title of "Xian Sheng." Hence "Three-Mountain-Nine-Marquis" must be coming from an extraordinary background.
Solving the riddle
Once the title "Three-Mountain-Nine-Marquis Xian Sheng" appeared in my spiritual books, it created a commotion. And soon, many people tried to guess who he is ? A Taoist priest sent a book "The secret book of all Dharmas converging into one" to me. Its contents contained among others , a poem written by Patriarch Three-mountain, and the tablet of "Three-Mountain-Nine-Marquis."

Mantra and other secret practices were recorded in the book. Some even used the following as invocation : "By order of Three-Mountain-Nine-Marquis Xian Sheng, I command you to carry out this instruction." I put the question to my teacher.

He answered: "In this world, there are many people who happened to have the same names, it is quite common. For example, your name is Lu Sheng Yen, do you think no other people can have the same name ?"

What he said makes sense to me, when I was studying at Gao Xiong , a neighbor of mine had the same name as me. Many more people whose second name is "Sheng Yen". I know Japanese like the name very much. Therefore, the "Three-Mountain-Nine-Marquis Xian Sheng" mentioned by "The secret book of all Dharmas converging into one" is not my spiritual teacher of the same name.
Nine old monkeys over the three mountains
A Dharma master who claims to be able to communicate with the spiritual world has warned me not to indulge in the evil craft. He said : "As the words implied, it means Nine old monkeys who gain enlightenment while practising over the three mountains."

He even claimed that he knew how the monkeys carried out spiritual practice on : " Spiritual response method ", "Taking pills counting method", "Drawing talisman method", and "Space travelling method."

I was shocked that "Three-Mountain-Nine-Marquis" was just nine monkeys.

As I was able to use Peach Pond Golden Mother's Cloud-light Dharma to penetrate into the deepest of the cloud, after passing through many magnificent towers and palaces decorated with pearls and shells , I stopped below a peach tower. I asked : "What is "Three-Mountain-Nine-Marquis Xian Sheng?"" The Jade Pond Golden Mother answered with a poem :

There are fully enlightened deities who assume no forms,
Changing into three mountains, they do not experience life and death,
Mastery of self-nature, they do things with ease,
Honored as teachers, Nine Marquis have since been enlightened.

After coming out from my deep mediation , I was able to know that "Three-Mountain-Nine-Marquis" was not old monkeys who were enlightened!

Nine Marquis Court
There was a temple in Tai Nan by the name of "Nine Marquis Court".

A Taoist priest by the name of Chen claimed to be my classmate, as his teacher was "Three-Mountain-Nine-Marquis".

I have never been to Nine Marquis court, and I do not know what was Mr. Chen's special skill. I dare not acknowledge him as my classmate, as I have to tell the truth. And I do not want to be manipulated.

Senior Mr. Li
A certain Mr. Li, who cultivated both Taoism and Buddhism and formed his own sect claimed to be my teacher. His disciple asked him : "How come Lu Sheng Yan is your disciple ?"
He answered: "Because I am "Three-Mountain-Nine-Marquis"
His disciple asked him again : "But, why doesn't he acknowledge you as his teacher ?"
He replied : " I used my secret spiritual power to teach him. While I was doing this, I never assume any form, so although he has learned from me, he does not know me."

So his disciple wrote to me, and asked me to acknowledge.

Apart from Mr. Li, there were Mr. Nan Gong, Mr. Chu ...... without any proof, they wanted me to acknowledge them as my teachers. Suddenly I have so many teachers.

The true face of "Three-Mountain-Nine-Marquis"
I have never thought of raising my teacher's status to benefit myself. I have never thought of my formless teacher's status as being so high and inconceivable. On second thought, as his disciple , my background was already amazing, so having a teacher of such high status is a matter of complementing each another.

The title "Three-Mountain-Nine-Marquis" refers to more than one person. Three Mountains - three persons, and Nine Marquis , nine persons. Hence this title refers to twelve persons.

Although there are twelve of them, each of them have the same titles but in different realms. I will touch on it in future. There are many such cases in Buddhism.

Now, let me take down their masks and reveal the true faces of "Three-Mountain-Nine-Marquis": Three-Mountain (trikaya)
Dharmakaya (spiritual body) -Vairocana Buddha
Sambhogakaya (the body of bliss)-Locana Buddha
Nirmanakaya (the body of reincarnation)-Shakyamuni Buddha

Nine-Marquis (the nine honored ones in the eight-petaled hall of the Garbhadhatu )

1. Mahavairocana in the center - Bian Zhao Vajra (Radiating everywhere).
2. Ratnadhvaja in the East - Fu ju Vajra (Merit accumulation)
3. Kaifuhuawang in the South - Ping Deng Vajra (Equality)
4. Amitabha Buddha in the West -Qing Jing Vajra (Pure & Clean)
5. Divyadundubhimeghanirghosa in the North -Pu Dong Vajra (immovable)
6. Samatabhadra Bodhisattva in the South East- Zhen Ru Vajra (Bhutatathata)
7. Manjusri Bodhisattva in the South West - Ji Xiang Vajra (Auspicious)
8. Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva in the North West -Zheng Fa Vajra (Righteous Dharma)
9. Maitreya Bodhisattva in the North East- Xun Ji Vajra (Swift)

Although there are twelve of them, it is very easy to distinguish each of them when they arrived. They taught me different Dharmas, they had different voices, they used different strength and touches. And breathed different air.

After forming the "Three Mountain" Mudra, I recited the Mantra : "Namo Samanduo Mutanam Fu." I came to realize the Mudra and Mantra were that of Shakyamuni Buddha. And "Three Mountain" is the trikaya of Shakyamuni Buddha. I recalled what Jade Pond Golden Mother said : "There are fully enlightened deities who assume no forms" - She was referring to Shakyamuni Buddha. Whenever the Buddha arrived, my hands will automatically form the "Three Mountain" Mudra, and I will recited the Mantra: "Namo Samanduo Mutanam Fu" How did I know the "Nine Marquis" referred to the nine honored ones in the eight-petaled hall of the Garbhadhatu? When I was empowered, I could clearly distinguish the five color radiation of white, red, yellow, green and black.

The four Bodhisattvas taught the four immeasurable mind:
Great kindness refers to Maitreya.
Great Pity refers to Avalokitesvara.
Great Joy refers to Manjusri.
Great Self-sacrifice refers to Samantabhadra.
Although the feeling was very subtle, I was able to discern it. Later on when I prayed to the Garbhadhatu Mandala, there was an endless suction from the eight-petaled hall of the Garbhadhatu, and the bright vein in my heart also exerted a soft suction. These two forces met in the air and merged into one. There were one and the same force which included each other . Therefore I can verify that "Nine Marquis" are none other than the nine honored ones , and I had their empowerment.

Once a cultivator pointed out that the source of my energy came from Vajradhatu . This was different from What I had experienced. Maybe his prognosis was incorrect, as the two realms of Vajradhatu and Garbadhatu are fundamentally one, as are the absolute and phenomenal.

Garbadhatu -Mahavairocana = Vajradhatu - Mahavairocana
Garbadhatu -Ratnadhvaja = Vajradhatu - Aksobhya
Garbadhatu -Kaifuhuawang = Vajradhatu - Ratnasambhava
Garbadhatu - Amitabha = Vajradhatu - Amitabha
Garbadhatu -Divyadundubhimeghan = Vajradhatu - Amoghasiddhi

Flower Light Self-mastery Buddha
If you still think that my evidence is inadequate, then let me tell you that I have progressed from being an ordinary cultivator to being enlightened as " Flower Light Self-mastery Buddha." This title was given by Shakyamuni Buddha, I had recorded what happened in my book. I am speaking the truth. If I am lying, then the 120 books that I wrote are full of lies.

After 27 years of daily cultivation, I have put the jewel of my life in 120 books I wrote. I guarantee that it is true that Shakyamuni Buddha gave me the title of "Flower Light Self-mastery Buddha". That event was so vivid, and it was also the apex of my enlightenment.

I must admit that after spiritual cultivation, my wisdom has increased tremendously:

I realize:

There is no self .
Five color lights radiate at our self nature forever.
Great pity lights are omnipresent.

I have achieved four kinds of brilliance.

1. Dharma nature valid cognizer
2. Growing realization and perception
3. Full enlightenment wisdom.
4. Ultimate Dharma nature

Through the cultivation of True Buddha Tantra, I am able to reach a purified stage of wisdom. I am able to see the body, light and pure land at once. All the delusions never appear to me again.

I have accomplished the trikaya and five wisdoms.

Away from meaningless act is the Dharmakaya,

Showing the non attachment quality is the sambhogakaya.

And displaying all kinds of spiritual level is the Nirmanakaya.

Away from the meaningless act is the Wisdom of the embodied nature of dharmadhatu

Without hindrance is the Mirror-like wisdom

Showing no impartiality is the Wisdom of equality

Uncontaminated and radiating five lights is the Wisdom of discrimination

Changing objects that are touched into lights is the Wisdom of accomplishment

My wisdom is unrivaled. I surely know "Three-Mountain-Nine-Marquis" is the trikaya of Shakyamuni Buddha and the five Buddhas and four Bodhisattvas of the eight-petal hall of the Garbhadhatu.

Let me quote from the Lotus Sutra:

"The true entity of all phenomena can only be understood and shared between Buddhas. This reality consists of the appearance, nature, entity, power, influence, inherent cause, relation, latent effect, manifest effect, and their consistency from beginning to end."

As Flower Light Self-mastery Buddha, Surely I know the true identity of "Three-Mountain-Nine-Marquis".

Kulapati Li Ping Nan and Xuan Hua Shang Ren
Seriously speaking, the first Kulapati (A householder who practises Buddhism at home without becoming a monk) I have met after taking the faith of Buddhism was Mr. Li Ping Nan (also known as Kulapati Xue Lu ). He was a reputable speaker on Sutras from the Pure Land School. When I took refuge in Ying Xuan the great teacher, it was Mr. Li who conducted the taking refuge in triple gem ceremony.

Later on, Mr. Zhao Ji recommended me to take refuge in Le Guo, the elderly Dharma master and Mr. Wang Yi Zhi recommended me to take refuge in Dao An , the Dharma master. This was how I learned Buddhism, let me come back to the topic.

When Mr. Li Yi Nan heard the term "Three-Mountain-Nine-Marquis" and knew I was able to communicate with the spiritual world, he was shocked. Without hesitation, he said : "That's it, Lu Sheng Yan is possessed." He even said: "Once the Mara has finished sucking his energy and left his body, Lu Sheng Yan will die. You mark my words, he won't live very long !" (Bodhi Tree - the monthly journal printed an article "A criticism on Lu Sheng Yen" then. )

Mr. Li Yi Nan passed away after I migrated to the States. In my meditative stabilization before his death, I saw his body radiating white light and he told me : "We are alike." I knew that he will be reborn in the Western Pure Land. He came to settle the old scores with me - he had slandered me on many occasions, before his transmigration.

Kulapati Li Yi Nan , a knowledgeable Dharma preacher was still unable to know my true identity and that of my teacher Three-Mountain-Nine-Marquis". He had to see me, settle our differences before he left the world.

Why did he say : "We are alike ?". I will explain it in a future article.

Let me talk above Xuan Hua Shang Ren (Venerable Xuan Hua). Also known as Dharma Master Du Lun, he built a "Thousand Buddha City" at the outskirts of San Franscico. He was a disciple of Xuan Yun the elderly monk. Studying the teaching of Zen, Pure Land , Tantrayana, and precept schools , he was noted for observing strict rules - wearing three layers of costume without fail, eating one meal a day, fasting after twelve noon, and never lying down to sleep. As all of you have known, Xuan Huan Shen Ren had criticized Tantrayana teaching - he slandered Patriarch Milarepa, calling him a Mara, and he even published a book entitled " Telling the public to topple the evil and uphold the righteous Dharma" to viciously attack him. He wrote articles in "Thousand Buddha city" , a monthly journal to slander the sixteen Karmapa. He also slandered me (Living Buddha Lian Sheng - Master Lu Sheng Yen)

I only met and talked to him once. He was tall, and gave me the mpression that he had poor taste, his Dharma talk was shallow and uninteresting. He did not display any Dharma power and gave me the impression that he was unbearably vulgar.

I was surprised that such an ordinary Dharma master was able to found the magnificent "Thousand Buddha City." Then I saw that a black Bodhisattva "King Leng Yan" (Surangama) stood behind him occasionally . (It is said those who have obtained the Samadhi of "King Leng Yan" will have a lot of followers)

It may appear that Xuan Hua Shang Ren had spiritual powers to get things done . The truth was Bodhisattva "King Leng Yan" was giving a helping hand in the background. You may wonder why Bodhisattva "King Leng Yan" chose to follow such an ordinary Dharma Master ? Although vulgar, he was able to recite Surangama Sutra by heart (Surangama Sutra is an important Sutra in Buddhism, its style is fluent and elegant) The first chapter of the Sutra mentioned about : "Those who have mastered this Sutra will have many followers." It is very obvious that Bodhisattva "King Leng Yan" will come to support and protect Xuan Hua who had treasured Surangama Sutra all his life. I know very well that Xuan Hua Shang Ren did not really enter into the Samadhi of "King Leng Yan", and he was not enlightened spiritually. He committed a lot of unwholesome karma in speech. He criticized Tantrayana, and said that Xuan Yuan was not a real monk. Moreover he also spoke ill of his own disciples. His mind was full of all kinds of earthly problems.

His disciple , Sophia who is staying in Seattle told me a few years ago that he was ill. I used my Deva-eyes to observe him. I saw two streams of black air . One moving upward from his heart to his throat. Another moving downward from his navel to his kidney.

When Xuan Hua Shang Ren passed away, the medical report stated that he died of lymphatic gland cancer, and both his kidneys were not functioning . This showed that my Deva observation was accurate.

You may wonder why I mention this case, since he has passed away. The truth is that the case was not closed after his death. He was subsequently tried by three judges. The persons involved were :

Representative of heaven - Bodhisattva "King Leng Yan",
Representative of human realm - Living Buddha Lian Sheng - Master Lu Sheng Yen.
The persons on trial - Xuan Hua Shang Ran and his four disciples.
Witness: Lian Hua Shu Ying.
Lian Hua Shu Ying saw the whole proceeding. I shall not go into detail. This was the conclusion: Xuan Hua Shang Ren and his four disciples cupped their palms and chanted my heart Mantra : "Om , guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hum ." Radiating lights and leading the way, I whisked them to the Western Pure Land.

He scolded me when he was alive, I whisked him to the Western Pure Land after his death, What is the reason ? To show the Buddha's wisdom of equality.

As Bodhisattva "King Leng Yan" was the master of Xuan Hua Shang Ren , I had to give face (acknowledge his position) to him. Moreover I am enlightened to be able to forget about all the slanderous accusations he made about me. Bodhisattva "King Leng Yan" surely knew who I am and the identity of my teacher "Three-mountain-nine-marquis." He knew that my teachers include the three bodies of Shakyamuni Buddha, five Buddhas and four Bodhisattvas. I am able to travel to the ten Dharma realms with ease, and can claim to be the one and only in this world.

At first, Mr. Li Yi Nan came to settle his case, then Xuan Hua Shang Ren did the same.

My teachers - "Three-Mountain-Nine-Marquis" had taught me for three years.

Three mountains - fortunate lights flickering .

Nine Marquis - auspicious clouds flying without interruption.

I sighed at those slanders,

Blown by the wind , in all directions, smokes from the stove fly .

The moving moon has cast the shadow of flowers onto the railings.

The star lights are in confusion

The night is waning, and

It is no longer young!

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