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* 請注意:未皈依、未受灌頂者請勿翻閱學習! >> 我要皈依

Sarasvati Sadhana

Start by praying for the root lineage blessing: First empty the mind. Next, visualize the Root Lineage Guru Living Buddha Lian-sheng appearing above your crown and radiating light on everyone present. Chant the Root Lineage Guru Heart Mantra 7 times. Pray to the Root Lineage Guru to empower you so that the practice will be auspicious.

Engender the Four Immeasurable Minds. Visualize your parents, children, relatives, friends, and enemies join you in this practice.

Wake-Up Call: Clap twice, then cross hands and snap thumbs and middle fingers.
  1. Recite the Purification Mantras and Earth God Mantra

  2. Recite the Invocation Mantra

  3. Tender the Great Homage with Visualization

  4. Mandala Offering

  5. Fourfold Refuge

  6. Armor Protection

  7. Recite the High King Avalokitesvara Sutra (1 time).

  8. Recite the Rebirth Mantra (7 times).

  9. Recite the Root Guru's Heart Mantra (108 times):

    Om, gu-ru, lian-sheng sid-dhi hum

  10. Mudra and Visualization

    Supplication Verse:


    Divine one of the highest wisdom and eloquence, may we perceive your celestial form in response to our prayers.
    In clean clothes and clean places, we offer pure offerings; may we benefit both self and others immeasurably.
    May we rightly understand all treatises and expound with eloquence teachings of Dharma. Wonderful Dharma, limitless and inconceivable.

    Sarasvati Mudra : Extend your left hand and five fingers, and with your left palm facing upwards, place it in front of your chest. With your right palm facing downwards, form a circle using your right thumb and index finger, stretching out your other three fingers evenly as shown below. Position your downward-facing right palm about five inches above your left palm.

    Illustration of mudra:          GM Demo

    Seed Syllable: su (white in color)

    Visualization: First empty the mind

    Chant the Emptiness Mantra:
    Om, si-ba-wa, su-da, sa-er-wa, da-er-ma, si-ba-wa, su-do-hang. (3 times)

    1. Above an expanse of ocean is a stretch of clear sunny sky. A moon disc rises from the ocean into the sky. Inside the moon disc is the white Tibetan seed syllable「''su,'' emitting great white light.

    2. The seed syllable inside the moon disc revolves and transforms into Sarasvati. Sarasvati is pure white with one head and two arms. She is holding and playing a pipa. Sarasvati sits cross-legged, and has the appearance of a beautiful, sixteen-year-old girl, who is full of gentleness and grace. .

    3. From the brow point of Sarasvati, a beam of white light shines onto one's brow point. From the throat of Sarasvati, a beam of red light shines onto one's throat. From the heart of Sarasvati, a beam of blue light shines onto one's heart. The three lights of white, red, and blue merge completely into one's body and mind.

  11. Recite the Sarasvati Heart Mantra (108 times):


  12. Entering Samadhi

  13. Emerging from Samadhi

  14. Praise Verse

    Ru-lai-jin-kou-yan-shuo-ru-ci-miao-fa。 Tiao-fu-ren-tian-yin-xiang-tian-she-zhi-sheng。
    Sui-yuan-sui-xian-bian-cai-tian-nu-rong-yi。 Yuan-man-yi-yuan-neng-fu-san-qian-shi-jie。
    Yi-xin-zheng-nian-ji-de-miao-zhi-da-yuan。 Nian-qi-ren-tian-wu-shang-zui-sheng-tuo-ni。
    Qing-qiu-jia-hu-sui-xin-li-jing-zhu-fo。 Shen-tong-zhi-hui-yi-qie-su-zheng-pu-ti。

    Through his golden mouth Lord Buddha expounded this wonderful Dharma, bringing to harmony humans and devas with her divine tongue and resounding voice.
    According to causes and affinities Sarasvati manifests her graceful form. Her vow to fulfill wishes encompasses three thousand worlds.
    Maintaining a righteous heart engenders transcendent wisdom and great vows. One begins reciting the unsurpassed and most victorious dharani on earth and heaven.
    We pray earnestly for your blessing and protection, paying homage to all buddhas. May omniscient wisdom enable all to swiftly realize enlightenment.

  15. Recite the Principal Heart Mantras

  16. Recite the Buddha's Name (3 times)

    Namo the 36 trillion 119 thousand and 500 Amitabha Buddhas.

  17. Dedication

  18. Recite the Hundred Syllable Mantra (3 times)

  19. Tender the Great Homage with Visualization (same as step 3)

  20. Recite the Completion Mantra

    Om, Bu Lin. (3 times)

    Om Mani Padme Hum.

Dismissal: Clap twice, then cross hands and snap thumbs and middle fingers.

End of Practice: May all endeavors be auspicious.

An empowerment must be received from Living Buddha Lian-sheng or an authorized True Buddha School master before engaging in this particular sadhana.

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