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163_Crossing the Ocean of Life and Death (Publisher: US Daden Culture)

Preface: The Spiritual Travel Shoes
Chapter 01. The Opening of the Eight-Petalled Lotus
Chapter 04: The Destiny of Past Life and Present Life
Chapter 06: Death Is Just Around the Corner
Chapter 09: The Light of Tien Qiao
Chapter 11: The Liberation Path of the Bardo Spirit
Chapter 13: The Tantric Path to Attaining Buddhahood in this Very Body
Chapter 17: The Guru with the Lotus Throne
Chapter 21: Suitable Dwelling Places for the Bardo Spirits
Chapter 26: Recitation of Buddha`s Name and Mantra
Chapter 28: The Varying States of Existence
Chapter 31: Care for the Dying (2)
Chapter 33: Care for the Dying (4)

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