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69_Household Fengshui (Published)

Preface-An Offering of Fengshui Knowledge to My Readers
1. Avoid Living in a `High Peak` Spot
2. Avoiding Living in `Low and Overshadowed` Areas
3. Avoid Living in a Site Affected by Noxious Spirits
4. Avoiding Living on Odd Shaped Lots
5. Keys to the Selection of Home Sites
6. Nature Thrives in the Essence of Love and Perishes in its Absence
7. Correlations Between a House and the Human Body
8. Balance is Auspiciousness
9. Outside the Bow and Inside the Bow
10. The Positioning of the Front Door
11. The Destructive Energy of a Road Pointing at a Site
12. Adverse Conditions `Outside` and `Inside` the Door
13. The Money-Reserve Spot is the Chi-Gathering Spot
14. A House that Brings Good Health
15. Fire Problems in the Kitchen
16. Desks in Offices and Studies
17. Staircases Can Be Destructive
18. The Haunted Antiques
19. Selecting the Master Bedroom
20. Rules for Positioning Beds
21. The Placement of Shrines
22. Using the Shrine to Bring in the Water Spirit Chi
23. Old Wells and Water Towers
24. The Inflow and Outflow of Water
25. The Importance of Workshops
26. Remedies for A Haunted House
27. Houses that Produce High-ranking Officials
28. Houses that Produce Wealth
29. Fear of Dying at Twenty-Eight
30. Peach Blossom Luck in Married Couples
31. Feng-shui Associated With Twins
32. The House of Endless Illnesses
33. The Formation of Haunted Houses
34. Reflections on Writing This Book
35. A Sign of Affirmation from Heaven for the True Buddha School
36. Questions and Answers on the Black Sect (The Bon Religion)
37. Essential Oral Teachings from Living Buddha Lian-sheng, Founder of the True Buddha School
38a. A Trip to Redmond
38b. A Trip to Redmond

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